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Glass Classes, Glass Courses, and Glass Schools in Kansas Print

The Kansas Glass Classes, Courses and Schools directory includes information about classes and schools listed by city. If you need to look up glass classes in another location, click here to return to the index directory of glass classes, glass courses, and glass schools .

Lessons on all types of art glass are listed, including:

  • Glass blowing Classes (Offhand Glassblowing and Hot Glass Processes)
  • Glass Fusing Classes ( Kilnforming and Warm Glass Processes)
  • Lampworking Classes, Flameworking Classes and Torchworking Classes
  • Stained Glass Classes
  • Enamelling, Coldworking, and other types of Glass Art Classes

Please inform us if you know of a glass class or school that should be listed here.
Glass Class Submission Form

Overland Park Glass Classes, Glass Courses, and Glass Schools
Bearden's Stained Glass
7600 Metcalf
Overland Park, KS 66204
Bearden's Stained Glass Classes