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Free Spiral Texture Plate and Wave Form Bowl Mold


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Sell more finished glass art when you use the NEW Infinity Arts Series by Fuse Master. Infinity is an interchangeable set of 11¡± diameter Texture Plates and a companion Wave Form Slumping Mold. The look is exciting and fresh. The spiral textures add dimension to the backside of the glass and the unique free style floating wave shape of the slumping mold presents the opportunity for you to take your glass artistry to the next level. Your work will stand out from the crowd. Every piece can look like a one of a kind creation or make a matching themed series of glass art. The original forms were hand thrown by master NW potter Dan Wheeler specifically for Fuse Master. They were carefully crafted to produce a stylish contemporary look. Notice how the texture starts away from the outer lip so your glass doesn¡¯t get an irregular edge like it does with most textured surfaces. Rubber molds were made from Dan¡¯s originals and limited run multiples are being produced here in the USA. These forms retain the slight hand thrown texture of the originals and are they very durable. Expect to get many many firing without have to ¡°baby¡± them. This popular size is perfect for anyone using a kiln that will take a 12¡± or larger round or square kiln shelf such as the Skutt Hot Start Pro Kiln, Evenheat Studio Pro 14, Skutt Firebox14 or Evenheat Hot Shot Kiln. The system is easy to use. The pieces in the picture were made by fusing two layers of System 96 (you can use any glass but your temperatures might change) together at 1435? F for 25 minutes. The resulting flat piece of glass was placed on a slightly kiln washed Texture Plate and fired to 1400? F for 25 minutes. You can fuse directly onto the Texture Plate but you tend to trap air bubbles between the layers and you can pick up backside dimples from the vent holes if you go to higher temperatures. The last firing is done into the Wave Form Slumping Mold at 1230? F for 10 minutes. Be the first in your area and watch your sales increase when you start making finished glass using the Infinity Arts Series. Just add your own special colors and design elements such as frits, glass powders, enamels or stringers. You might try a mix and match approach by using the elements separate or combining the Texture Plates with some of your other molds. The possibilities are infinite.

Free Spiral Texture Plate and Wave Form Bowl Mold